Monday, November 14, 2011

Hip-Hop Changing The World?

As Obama reaches closer to the end of his first term as U.S president and people of colour from around the world continue to make strides in their respective industries, one man makes the argument that "hip-hop has been the single largest driver of race relations since MLK."

While this theory may seem like a stretch to some, the points that author Steve Stoute - The Tanning of America -  raises are undeniable.

From the Gap indirectly paying for a nationally aired T.V ad for F.UB.U and hiring one of the companies  founding investors to do it no less, to the lifestyle and cultural choices younger people are making today, it seems the Tanning has taken effect.

Steve Stoute - Author of The Tanning of America explains what tanning is and what it means for business models in the 21st century

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