Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantastically Impractical Frothy Skirts

Canadian scientist found this fabric on a trip to Cape Town. She is just
Another Sewing Scientist! Love chic scientist chicks. Brains & Brawn--so sexy!
Seems all pretty young things are pouncing and pouting around in lovely tulle skirts. I approve. It speaks to the me eternally in love with grunge street ready flats against the voluminous opulence of something frothy, fluffy and completely impractical. Take your notes from Ri-Ri on how to take the edge off your work week and re-interpret that stress for a Marc Jacobs-inspired getup. Or be classic and stick with the simple lines of an A-line skirt in bright print. I love what Montreal based sewer does with her Venda fabric. And how much do i HEART the design inspiration and color-saturation of Shangaan mocheke/traditional full skirts?  

Now if only i could wrap myself in a tulle Shangaan mocheke with Venda crazed print...Here's to this weekends shopping hunt list!


  1. Hey, that's my Venda skirt! I saw this URL in the traffic sources section of my blog, and was wondering why I was getting lots of hits from here; now it makes sense. Glad you liked it.
    (I'm also getting lots of hits from a goth site, but I can't explain that one. Not very goth if you ask me.)

  2. @Another Sewing Scientist: LOVE your skirt and LOVE even more that you were inspired by the gorgeous geometry of Venda print. Thanks for sharing the inspiration

  3. the venda patterned is beautiful. i'm a Venda young lady and proud of it. we are a very colourful tribe.