Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cape Blue

Woodstock (formerly Papendorp) in Front of the Biscuit Mill, at the foot of Table Mountain. Photo: M. Makhene

And this is the Cape too. Inside the Biscuit Mill, Saucisse
Boutique is a food emporium that will make any true 
foodie weep. Plum cardimom jam/Springbok carpaccio...
Cape Town has to be so many thing to many. Legendary South African author/poet Antjie Krog comes to mind (Country of My Skull is a must read), with her outsize portraits in word of the mountain's possibilities and melancholic shifts. You walk through hot embers of modernity and feel yourself soaring at how spectacular an African city can be, only to be greeted by a begging 5 year old who is practiced in his craft and chills your smitten self-congratulation. 

Cape Town is gorgeous. 
It is cool. 
It is enticing and it is in every way the mothership where everything begins for this country.  

It is also jagged and ugly even in its beauty. Be sure to fall in love with this city. Make sure you sing Cape Town sweet songs of worship as long as you are also willing to pull off the hood and see her for everything she is.  

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