Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talking Movies : Life Above All

Life Above All, starring Khomotso Manyaka (Chanda) and Lerato Mvelase (Lillian) ,picture courtesy web

Life Above All, wether it's the title of a movie or just a mantra to live by, Life really is Above All.

In this adaptation of Allan Stratton "Chanda's Secrets", director Oliver Stoltz attempts to de-mistify the ever present cloud that hangs over so many small towns like Elandsdoorn not so far outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

When 12 year old Chanda's baby sister unexpectedly dies and her mother soon falls ill, her step father turns to alcohol for solace leaving little Chanda in charge of her two younger siblings and the once welcoming, doting neighbours soon become distant gossip mongers.

The film follows Chanda as she sets out on a journey to find answers and confront a deeply ingrained, unspoken taboo.

Chanda's Secret has recently been picked up by Sony Pictures Classic for international release, so check you local listings for screenings.

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