Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inked in Love

A Thinking Woman's Shoe. LOVELUVLOVE! Donna-Ballin Shoes.

Legatorio la Fenice. Photo: Eddy Buttarelli
Did i mention the little writer's heaven we dipped into in Venice? Gorgeous murano-glass stemmed fountain pens with jet black ink wells, thick cotton-woven paper with tattered ends, hand-bound journals infused with earthen craft scent of rich butter leather and of course, of course, a most charming (and beautiful) proprietress who joked about her birth city of "Fe-ne-cia" and pointed to a glistening perfectly cut diamond (still timeless) to indicate the time she moved to another island and the love she still carries for Venice. Legatoria la Fenice--you are the life-spring and joy of a writer's words. But what words can i offer these Donna-Ballin shoes? What words, why words? Only lust licking my lips in desperate longing, lust pant and la ultima....LUV!

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  1. I went to Venice and fell in love with her journals. So much so, that I ended up buying perhaps too many for myself. Thank you for posting about it! Hopefully more people will aspire to visit her little shop in S Marco.