Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WANTED: InVogue Writers

An unfazed Fey shot for Vanity Fair by Annie Liebowitz.
So you have a lot of things in common with Tina Fey--you're covertly sexy, you're wicked smart but don't need to whip everyone over the head with it and you're miraculously, refreshing in your take on all things fashion and all things...well, there really are no other things, are there? And you're funny, or at least you have a curious sense of humor. And of course, you're a writer!  Why not make it official by contributing to KoKOFIFI? We are expanding our editor's desks in Johannesburg&Cape Town, Accra, Nairobi and Lagos. If you've got the chops to head up one of these desks, send us a sample blog on the hottest fashion trend you see in your city today. Keep the post to three paragraphs, write with a thick accent that's entirely in your own voice and channel Tina Fey wit minus the 30Rock wardrobe. Can't wait to hear from you:

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