Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soweto Pantsula Choreographs Beyonce

Dancing Queens. Dancing-Kwaito Car Washers from Khayelitsha, Cape Town.  Photo Courtesy Per Englund from his beautiful book, The Beautiful Struggle

Yeah, so clearly i've got something of a disease. Who but teen girls and me;) memorize dance moves to Beyonce's just dropped single (laptop in one hand/body gyrations in other) the night the video is released? And who but me would drool and drool (instant repeat in hand) seeing our South African pantsula boys teach B. something about Msowawa jive?

Pantsula Jive. Now. Photo Courtesy Per Englund. 
Sickened with straight out respect for the choreography in Run The World (GIRLS)!
The first 1.42min dance sequence are brought to you live by Soweto. Those dance moves were baked in Meadowlands/Orlando/Pimville/Diepkloof and Soweto proper before augmentation and adaptation. Soweto. We so run this.

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