Monday, March 28, 2011

Perfect People Spanx It!

I Know A Little Secret...

Did you know women own less than one percent of land worldwide? No? What about political power--did you know we only hold about 16 % of parliamentary seats (or equivalent) worldwide? How many women entrepreneurs do you think there are? Try 0.8% with employees in Africa! We don't even make a percent! Bleak, right? That's because it is. 

Sara Blakely Spanxing It!
Image: Sarah McColgan.
But there are some crazy woman out it in their minds that they can change all of that.  I just found out Spanx was started by a woman, Sara Blakely. This chic is fearless. She cold-called a Niemann Marcus buyer, flew to Texas to sell her and asked this woman to follow her to the bathroom so she could demo the wonders of butt line-free underwear up close and personal. That was her first client. And the rest is a ten-year story she wrote. The thing I find remarkable and revolutionary about Sara's story is that she's a woman. Making fit a woman's body. The hype around Spanx is not just because it's a brilliant idea, but also because (Gasp!) women designing for women remains a widely crazy, secretly lucrative and bestest brightest , bold idea. So Go Ahead Girl, get us all Spanxed!

p.s. i like. i like--luxury branding+women's entrepreneurship=Cartier Women's Initiative Awards.

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