Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring In The Light

Global Teen Leaders are in NYC this week at an annual summit celebrating the work of Global Teen Peacemakers. These kids are part of the Three Dot Dash family, a program founded in the memory and honour of child Philosopher-King Poet Mattie Stepanek. Three Dot Dash is morse code for PEACE.

The thing about youth is the beauty of being so raw, unfiltered and unaffected. From the lips of babes wisdom--always.  Even when it bites, it's a reflection of us facing us and shouting back echoes of ourselves. From my (younger) sister this morning, "BRING IN THE LIGHT". I still feel the first rays of a flickering and growing light from my day with the 2011 class of Global Teen Leaders. So much beauty in that room. And laughter:) And so much, so much blinding has me flying higher than high on the possibilities of who we can be.

Above, Nile & Nancy: The Fire-Fuel of Three Dot Dash. Nile penned the song, We Are Family, after which the Foundation is named. Nancy is We Are Family Foundation's Leading Light. Think i need to get me a blk&white tie on white...LOVE! Photos: Courtesy WAFF.

Join WAFF at TEDxTeen this Saturday, April 2, 2011 in NYC: Global Youth Speaking Out & Up!


  1. Wow! Very nifty post here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our Global Teen Leaders through We Are Family Foundation's annual Just Peace Summit, and on my son, Mattie J.T. Stepanek.

  2. Jeni--Thank you so much for visiting the blog and sprinkling some Stepanek love dust on us:)
    We are all so humbled and inspired by both your and Mattie's example and really feel privileged to embody what it means to be Family!

    Bear Hugs,