Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brown Betty & Brotherly LOVE

Image: Tgbusill

Image: Moocatmoocat. LOVE in the Details.

One of my favorite places in the City of Brotherly Love is no such thing at all--Rittenhouse Coffee Shop is a romantic ruin remembering another time, quietly telling its tale or reinventing it everytime someone wonders outloud or wistfully past the hidden historic facade at 1904 Sansom Street.  I hit it up this weekend, my sweetheart in hand, courtesy of Capogiro Gelato. Seriously, this artisan gelato will leave you reconsidering the purpose/joy/gall of any life lived without a spoonful of Caopgiro's take on heaven in your mouth at least every half hour. I mean, how could life be anything but right with Black & Stormy gelato followed by Rosemary Goat Milk, chased down with Pummelo or (more like, and) Meyer Lemon with Grey Goose??? Or stick to a classic. The Vanilla is Love. Lime with Cilantro is quite refreshing with a tangy zest...

And once you have your sweetheart melting your hand+mouth+heart away, it'd be silly to imagine totally sublime without a pit-stop some romantic+real place where style matters.

Norrinda Brown Hayat, Co-Founder & Owner of Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. 
Image: Laura Novak 
Am so LOVING Arcadia Boutique at Manning & 20th Street. Eco-chic that doesn't skimp on fabulousness. Think vintage inspired handbags and accessories that will leave a sweet dimple in your wallet (hello nyc shoppers) and smile. Arcadia is also hosting a Trunk Show March 11..another trip to Philly...did i hear an amen?

Ok, so now to really eat your way through Philly (where my real foodie-fashionistas at? i'm talking fly chicks with mad appreciation for hunger+style)

Make sure you lunch at 20 Manning (do the duck) and grab cupcakes at Beautiful Mom+Daughter Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. Trained as a lawyer, this Foodie-Fashionista opened shop with mom, Linda
and named the shop in honor of her grandma, Elizabeth. Origin Stories Don't Get Sweeter--Nor Cupcakes Creamier:) 


You now have permission to pass out at Rittenhouse Square. Keep Calm. Recover/Repeat. Carryon.

Gossip Aside--Did you catch the war-logs dishing dirty about Luxury tsar Arnault's (as in famed LVMH and infamous House of Dior, as in Galliano's former employer) bid for family owned Hermes? Great Read. And Yes, Yes, Paris Fashion Week is sounding out loud. But you can get that any+everywhere. Here, you get fashion dipped+kissed in KoKOFIFI chocolate. Even Paris can't give you that;)

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