Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Speak Funny Languages, In The People

LOVE this guy's stuff. Zwelethu Mthethwa. Go Ahead Bro!

Language can be so thick, and so pungent with meaning it licks thoughts clean. Especially South African language, which is a rich amalgam of all things African, European, and all the little islands between those dots. My favorite expression of our lingo's mutation is the funny translations of African axioms, birth names and little expressions that are otherwise harmless.  Here's my pick of Top 5:

Lost In Translation?
Soweto Home 
Soweto Style. LOVE. Image & Book of same: Mark Larring.
1. Don't eat my jealous--stop being envious of me

2. I am eating joy--i'm living the dream, baby!

3. Fillip is here--Feel it. It is here (world cup fever)
4. You are embarrassing me, in the people--in  public
5. Ditulo, Cheers!

Yes, You Are Still In Soweto, DK most def, Diepkloof. Leave At Your Own Risk.


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