Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Sensible Zainy LoveLust: Bokkie Shoes

I Like. I Love! Bokkie Shoes. Image: Bokkie Shoes.

Cape Town based shoe company Bokkie Makoya One Shoes has the absolute cutest throwback to good girl uniform school day comfort. I love the simplicity of design married with  unexpected rich vibrant seShweshwe fabric that's double dose cozy, especially if your grandmother was anything like mine and insisted on wearing seShweshwe dresses and a silk headscarf always; silly aside--I was oh!so shocked to discover my Koko had a full head of beautiful hair under that doek as a kid:) BTW...have you figured out yet Koko (grandma) is also the first four of KoKOFIFI? Major Granny=Heart.Love over here.

Anyways, these little bokkie numbers are prefect to slip your guests if you're planning a wedding/party (your party will really get hot once them ladies kick back the heels) and how could you not stuff a sensibly zainy pair in your carry-all for driving/walking/resting/looking real bok hot? 
Great for Granny too! And can you resist this ultra-sicked out ad campaign? LOVE.

I Like. I Like. Is A Zebra Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes? Image: Bokkie Shoes.


  1. This TOTALLY reminds me of my grams!!! Love Bokkie btw!!!!!

  2. That's so sweet GautengDiva. BTW, love that pseudonym!