Thursday, January 20, 2011

Power Pumps Please

Serious Power Pumps On My Lust List--Anything Alexander McQueen, Anything Nicholas Kirkwood. Image, R: Jak&Jill.
Funny the things you imagine as power when you're a kid. Ok, so I only had the outfit part figured surprises there, future as world wonder woman would star crazy i'm in charge power pumps and some kind of skirt. Think I still have the same fantasy, with the post-feminist complexities that arise when you realize half your childhood fantasies were just as much a figment of your imagination as they were pollution refinery of all the impressions of "power" the world threw at you.  Anyways, am definitely channeling thoughts of high power pumps tonight as I prepare for addressing the UN Youth Assembly tomorrow.  Cross your fingers I can still pour into the power play skirt--this winter hibernation business certainly does its bit pounding extra plush to my tush.

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