Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nerdalicious Is So HOT It's HOT

Yes, I wear glasses. Not everyday, but when the need presents itself, i am well armed and know how to take advantage of the opportunity. A friend once asked me if they are vanity specs--hell!no. i keep a blog noting what i'm obsessing about daily--do i seem like a woman tinged by vanity? LoL. Today though, i ran into a gorgeous woman who swore she was 50, but looked 36. No makeup, no fuss just a fresh face that popped. Her secret? Live Outdoors. Plus, glasses that bring out the best of your features. I immediately zoned into her so perfectly-fitted Ralph Lauren tortoise frames...suddenly seeing a tortoise future for me.

Farm Fashion: LOVE Ladysmith Black Mambazo's Loud Love of Art, More Than Music & So Profound
Image: Ben Williams, BookPhotoSA, March 2008.

Speaking of, heard a great NPR interview of Ladysmith Black Mambazo tonight. LOVE. While you're at it, hear the group's leader Baba Joseph Shabalala tell his story in his own words--it's beautiful.  Their new album, Songs From A Zulu Farm, is charmed with nostalgic childhood songs that will transplant you to forbidden afternoons, swimming in pools with friends when you shouldn't have been, stealing another hour outdoors sheepishly. There's a funny Old McDonald Had A Farm cover in Zulu that should be required listening for all little girls+boys. The absolute sweetest song, Ntulube--Away, You River Snakes--is about singing frogs and snakes out of a pool and wooing tortoises in. LOVE.

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