Thursday, January 6, 2011


Beautiful Swan: Model Flying High in Vlisco Textiles

Beauty. Gotta love its magnificence--the magic elegant design can elicit. And the fantasy. Think flying unicorns, black swans and white peacocks. Life is alive when you see and experience beauty.  We all hunger for small and mighty ways to live in its light.  This blog is an ode to a specific kind of beauty—the bold, bright, loud, effervescent & rich fashion forward wave that inspires us at KoKOFIFI.

We’re a global African brand, taking our name from Sophiatown, affectionately known as Kofifi—a cultural fashion mecca of urban black life in 1948 South Africa.  Our mission is delivering you snapshots of Africa’s fierce fashion/design scene, alongside your doctor recommended daily dose of the usual international suspects.  And yeah, we take that whole loving+living outloud thing pretty seriously. Nice to meet you.  Live. Love. Outloud.

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